Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom Classic lessons for all levels.
My Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials cater to your individual needs and goals, learn Photoshop and Lightroom at your own pace.

I am available to focus on YOUR specific projects, themes, or goals.
We can Focus on:
• Review of the Tools
• Color and Tonal Correction of Photos
• Adobe Camera Raw
• Layers and Layer Masks
• Photo Compositing and Photoshop Creative Montage
• Retouching
• The Pen Tool and Clipping Paths
• Color Grading
• Type Layout and Design
• Image Optimization and Saving for both Print and Web
• Adobe Lightroom – Organizing, Labeling & Keywords, Developing, and Exporting/Saving.
Reviews for my Photoshop and Lightroom Lessons

Andrew is incredible. He has helped me with many many Photoshop editing projects and he can help you achieve any effect you want. It would take 20 years of training to come close to what he can do in Photoshop. Great guy too.
David Wakefield

Had a 2 hour Photoshop lesson with Andrew and it was class! Very well thought out and very professional. Created a safe space for me to ask questions and not feel stupid. All done on zoom! Would fully recommend !
Kelly Love

I'm new to Photography and Photoshop - Andrew has helped me pick up new skills and a greater understanding of Photoshop in just ONE session! He has a great abundance of knowledge and definitely knows what he's talking about! HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you're wanting to get a greater knowledge of editing in a short amount of time!
Morgan Oliver

I took a photoshop class with Andrew a while ago. He knows photoshop from top to bottom, has excellent communication skills, and explains the topic in a clear and easy-to-understand manner (which is very important for non-native English speakers like myself).
I'll definitely take more classes with him. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Tamar Kobalt

Andrew is an amazing Lightroom teacher. I have worked with him numerous times over a few years. Recently he helped me set up my new computer, transfer over 50K images, and tweak all the options so that my workflow is efficient. I highly recommend Andrew.
Minette Rubin

I had a couple of sessions with Andrew this month, and highly recommend him! His expertise, teaching style, and communication were all incredible - I gained much skill quickly and would use him to expand my own knowledge in the future. 10/10
Emma Cavo

Thank you Andrew for your guidance. I was able to learn quick edits with you versus the time I spent on YouTube. I highly recommend your services.
Tracey Urban

The pictures are amazing and perfect.
Thank you very much!
Elias Sia

I thought I knew a lot about Photoshop, but this guy knows his stuff. Andrew started teaching me Photoshop and then he retouched and tonal-corrected hundreds of images for two books I published - The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows: The First 100 Years and Beverly Hills: The First 100 Years. He has also been helping me archive and organize thousands of photos in Adobe Lightroom on an ongoing basis.
I highly recommend Andrew.
Robert S. Anderson - The Beverly Hills Collection - Beverly Hills, CA

I'm a long-time book designer for museums and Andrew is my go-to person when I need digital magic. I only wish I had met him sooner. He combines expertise with rapid turnarounds, reasonable fees, and a patient, gracious manner. He's The One.
Lili Colton

I had the pleasure of taking a Photoshop tutorial with Andrew. Our session dealt with improving photo composites. I confess that as an amateur I was afraid the images I shared would be too amateurish and his instruction would be over my head. Nothing was further from the truth. Andrew gave constructive and kind input to improve my pictures and was patient with my questions. He kindly shared insights into his processes for his own photo composites.

I have viewed hundreds of online tutorials learning Photoshop. Many are frustrating; they either lack words, are difficult to follow, or go so fast that it is a frustrating process. Andrew was easy to follow and easy to understand. Andrew has extensive Photoshop experience and is a Moderator for the Photoshop and Lightroom Group for Facebook. I feel confident that the insights I gleaned will kick my composites up a notch.
Howard Pelteson

Andrew is an expert with Photoshop and I've learned a lot while he has helped me put together graphics for my e-blast campaigns. He is also well-versed in various social media and website modalities. I highly recommend him.
Deric Schmidt

Andrew is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to both Lightroom and Photoshop! I've used his Photoshop and Lightroom tutoring services for years and he's helped me take my photography business to the next level. He's patient and great at helping navigate through anything that you need. I highly recommend Andrew!!
Trish Jochen

Andrew is great! So helpful in helping me set up my Lightroom workflow and backup system. He also has taught me how to edit in Lightroom and then do more finishing touches in Photoshop. Would definitely recommend him!
Robin Aronson

Andrew is a great teacher. Very patient and knowledgeable. He custom-fit my lessons to show me exactly what I wanted to learn. Highly recommended!
Jon Huck

As I sit at my computer editing a photo, I realized that it's time I tell everyone about what a great teacher Andrew is. He posted a beautiful composite on Facebook and I commented that I wanted to be able to do that one day! That was all it took. He worked with me and showed me the steps it took to make an awesome composite. He makes it look so simple... it was great having a one-on-one with him.
Thank you, Andrew - you are the BEST!
Kari Silbaugh

Andrew was thorough, didn't waste any time, and even though I'm a total newbie, he didn't make me feel like a newbie. He over delivered!
Cher Bartlett

Andrew, Thanks again for your prompt and outstanding work retouching our family photo in the bright sunlight-- balancing out the exposure, shadows, and highlights on our faces!!!
I'll drop you a note to set up some additional Photoshop tutoring sessions.
Greg Spahr

Andrew was hired by my practice to show us how we can modify the pictures of our practice to give them a realistic idea of what they can expect after their procedure. He did a great job and we will continue to use his services in the future. He is a master Photoshop trainer and retoucher.
Parsa Mohebi MD

A wonderful and fantastic hands-on teacher!
He is so friendly and nice and his Photoshop knowledge is amazing! He's great!
Bobby Silverman

Andrew is a great Photoshop and Mac tutor. He has helped me various times when I have been in a jam. Andrew explains things in an easy-to-understand way.
Juan Carlos Espinoza

I have lots of good things to say about Andrew. Friendly, funny, helpful, conscientious, and always well-prepared when teaching. Andrew brings a wealth of technical knowledge with him that he is more than willing to share with a knowledge-hungry student or an aspiring peer. His tutorials are step-by-step with great flow, where any complex technique becomes so easy to use. If you need help with something, Andrew will help you times ten. I can recommend Andrew, without reservation, to anyone who needs a great and knowledgeable Photoshop tutor who is always available to help at any level.
Nora F

I would like to express my gratitude to Andrew Kavanagh for a great service. I’m a slow learner when it comes to all the technical learning of digital photo editing. Andrew was extremely patient with me, knowledgeable, professional, and above all very patient. I’m very happy to have found someone like him. I have already recommended him to many of my friends. Thank you for your excellent service.
Nafisa H

Wow! Andrew delivered much more than was expected. His knowledge and expertise is reflected in the finished product. Could not ask for better.
Totally satisfied.
William Smith

My Sony Alpha 7 Mark 2 and a slew of Leica and Sony lenses collected dust because the thought of this impatient author spending yet another chunk of his life looking at a monitor trumped learning how to use Photoshop, Lightroom, and plug-ins in post. I've been blessed with great teachers, tutors, and mentors in and out of the arts. A trusted friend recommended Andrew after I described my stalled journey from medium format film shooting to digital, And so Andrew entered my life. Simply stated, he's a wonderful cornucopia of knowledge who transmits his knowledge in a palatable, caring, and efficient way. I've learned a lot thanks to him. I guess I've joined the ranks of digital shooters. Thanks, Andrew
Don Kellin

Andrew is a professional and you can tell Photoshop is his area of expertise.
He is a gentleman and I highly recommend him.
Claudia Moores

Outstanding tutor. Exceptional Photoshop skills.
Fun to be around. Highly recommended.
Devadatta Best

I worked with Andrew to learn Photoshop for presentations I was writing/designing and he was fantastic! Andrew is a really great teacher who is patient and motivating and knows the ins and outs of Photoshop like the back of his hand. I highly recommend working with him for adults and teens alike! He also performed many photo retouching assignments for my company and did a wonderful job, I recommend his retouching work as well and plan on using him in the future for all of my retouching needs!
Mira Shields

I was so grateful for Andrew's Photoshop retouching and photo compositing services. Unfortunately, we didn't get two shots at our wedding that we would have liked. Andrew was able to photoshop two pictures together to create what we wanted. We were so impressed by his professionalism, speed of execution, and quality. Thank you!!
Ashley Paxton

Andrew is the best. My company has worked with Andrew many times over the years. He's an expert when it comes to Photoshop retouching. Consider Andrew for your next project, you will be pleased with his creative services.
Rico Peng

I've had a number of good experiences utilizing his Photoshop and retouching services. I work in documentary film and he turned unusable snapshots into beautiful screen gold. He also has the technical skill to know the precise formatting and export settings to make his work compatible do whatever video format I'm shooting. On another note, I recently received my first tutorial from him and he shaped the lesson to specifically address my needs. He opened up a very useful knowledge base for me.
Owen Cooper

Andrew has deep knowledge and understanding of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. He intuitively understands the conceptual difficulties you are having and provides a logical explanation. That is a rare and impressive talent. He has helped both as an on-site tutor and remotely by telephone. He also is a nice guy. What a great combination. I recommend him without reservation for any issues in using these programs. 
Vincent Fennell, MD

Andrew has been my Lightroom tutor for a year now. Andrew is patient, focused, and always willing to teach – not just show the process as some others do in their instruction. Each week we focus on advanced format shooting, and then converting them into superior photos using both Photoshop and Lightroom. Learning with the RAW format is the way to go. Andrew is a terrific person with class and great knowledge.
Stephen M

Andrew is a fantastic Photoshop Master who constantly blows me away with his skills.
He has a positive attitude so he's a pleasure to work with.
Eli Kagen

This guy is THE BEST Photoshop artist. His expertise goes back to years in New York working for the top ad agencies on national accounts and then in San Francisco, where I discovered Andrew's talents. Do you want precise, imaginative, cost-effective, swift, and sure work? Andrew is your guy. No one to my knowledge comes close to his understanding and experience in life-like photoshopping. I continue to work with Andrew on projects here in San Francisco even though he is down in Beverly Hills. When you communicate, via email, with Andrew, you get an answer right away. He LIVES on the net. Love him. Give him a shot on your next job. You'll be glad you did.
Richard Aptekar

Andrew Kavanagh has been my Photoshop and Lightroom teacher for several years. He is an extremely talented artist, a capable and experienced teacher, and a true gentleman. He is able and qualified to teach from the most basic to the most complex areas of Photoshop and Lightroom to his students regardless of their backgrounds.
Being a teacher for many years, I feel qualified to grade people. I feel no hesitation to give Andrew an A+, and I highly recommend him to anybody who is interested in learning Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom in a systematic and proper way.
Parviz Azar-Mehr DMD - Prosthodontist
Clinical Professor of Advanced Prosthodontics USC School of Dentistry
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