Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom Classic lessons for all levels.
My Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials cater to your individual needs and goals, learn Photoshop and Lightroom at your own pace.

I am available to focus on YOUR specific projects, themes, or goals.
We can Focus on:
• Review of the Tools
• Color and Tonal Correction of Photos
• Adobe Camera Raw
• Layers and Layer Masks
• Photo Compositing and Photoshop Creative Montage
• Retouching
• The Pen Tool and Clipping Paths
• Color Grading
• Type Layout and Design
• Image Optimization and Saving for both Print and Web
• Adobe Lightroom – Organizing, Labeling & Keywords, Developing, and Exporting/Saving.

Andrew is incredible. He has helped me with many many Photoshop editing projects and he can help you achieve any effect you want. It would take 20 years of training to come close to what he can do in Photoshop. Great guy too.
David Wakefield

Had a 2 hour Photoshop lesson with Andrew and it was class! Very well thought out and very professional. Created a safe space for me to ask questions and not feel stupid. All done on zoom! Would fully recommend !
Kelly Love

I'm new to Photography and Photoshop - Andrew has helped me pick up new skills and a greater understanding of Photoshop in just ONE session! He has a great abundance of knowledge and definitely knows what he's talking about! HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you're wanting to get a greater knowledge of editing in a short amount of time!
Morgan Oliver

I took a photoshop class with Andrew a while ago. He knows photoshop from top to bottom, has excellent communication skills, and explains the topic in a clear and easy-to-understand manner (which is very important for non-native English speakers like myself).
I'll definitely take more classes with him. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Tamar Kobalt

Andrew is an amazing Lightroom teacher. I have worked with him numerous times over a few years. Recently he helped me set up my new computer, transfer over 50K images, and tweak all the options so that my workflow is efficient. I highly recommend Andrew.
Minette Rubin
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